Regenerating Creative Inspiration

If your day is anything like mine your mind is constantly bamboozled with new thoughts, creative ideas and inspirations. Sometimes this can be quite tiring on the brain, fatigue can inset itself into your mind and become a blockade for new creative direction.

You may feel sometimes that your mind begins to work in a straight forward motion seeing past opportunities for new creative direction off the track and it can be difficult to get the creative juices going again, however help is at hand with a few cheeky tips to keep you thinking.


This practice involves a individual or a group putting down their thoughts to a problem on a piece of paper to make them visible, this allows for you to track your thought avenues and expand on existing creative ideas.

Lateral Thinking

Lateral thinking is a creative process that encourages you to think about the not so obvious answer, it is important to disrupt the conventional patterns adopted by the brain. It allows you to try new concepts instead of trying harder on existing concepts.


Discussions with your friends or family can lead to spontaneous creative ideas, discussing your creative thoughts with other people can help with seeing from different perspectives.

There are many ways to find creative inspiration it is all around us you just have to see it. Simply changing your thought patterns provokes new ideas, don’t forget to think outside the box and tackle your problems from a different angle.

Remember to always innovate and implement change..


Inspiration from the INNERVERSE


The innerverse is the universe within ones self, its the place where we dream, drift, dwell on past memories and future revelations. It is also the place to become present and ‘one’ with yourself. The innerverse is a place of endless possibilities when you focus your attention becomes a world without laws, it becomes your ‘real’ world where your sub-conscious once buried can come through and your wildest emotions portrayed that you may not have realized were inside you.

Searching for inspiration in your immediate world does not create enough real emotion you need to look deeper, see further.

Meditation once/twice a day can help you to access this innerverse unlocking vast potential and new direction in your life. Meditation is not sitting/laying with your eyes closed waiting, mediation is a journey one which when you start becomes hard to stop, take the leap of faith into the pool of sub conscious and drown yourself with endless possibilities, then re-emerge a better person.

Meditation at first can be difficult, and just like going to the gym and exercising your muscles, you start on low weights and build up. Your brain is a muscle and needs to treated the same, starting with just 30 seconds of pure mediation is better than 10 minutes of unsure meditation, work yourself up slowly. Like in the universe the innerverse takes time to master, and when your attention wonders bring it back to the center and start again.

A good tip for beginners when meditating is to go into your journey with a question already devised one which you can ask your higher self for guidance to answering.