Recognizing creative inspiration


Trying to put together an idea for my first blog is difficult; I guess I am trying to find my creative inspiration, trying to unlock the voice within which guides me on my path to a successful blog.

I have found inspiration in the quest for discovering what inspires us differently as individuals, those people around you. What do they see that I or you don’t in sometimes the most trivial of objects or situations, what do you see? I want to know! It intrigues me.

When the potential is recognized and the notion is put into place, that inner voice speaking out to you saying what if? Go on, try it? Everyone is different and we all read things differently and see things in our own light, it is important to remember this when trying to understand people in the quest for self mastery.

Creative inspiration has some common threads such as pushing boundaries, taking risks, discovering, staying focused, working hard, persevering, being original, and experiencing the unknown  or better still, inventing the unknown.

Those who find thinking creatively natural to them fit a specific personality type, which has seven different traits and can be read here.

To unlock your creative inspiration you need to start thinking like a creative in a direction in which you have dedication and ambition. Listen to your heart and do what you want to do, be it art music literature or anything else in the universe. Often, creative success is about that commendable combination of talent and dedication. Don’t stop. Before you know success you must be at peace with failure.

The creative thinker within can be over shadowed by the constant mental chatter, it is important when on the search for inspiration that the mind is a peaceful place. It is important to get things you want doing, done. This relieves your mind of slavery to the thought, making room for that inner voice to come to your attention, revealing to inspiration.

“Once you can reduce the amount of hay in your particular stack, the needles start revealing themselves like shiny little diamonds.”